Help! My Temporary Crown Fell Off! What To Do If Your Temporary Crown Falls Off and You Can’t Get Ahold of Your Dentist

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temporary crown fell off

It’s the weekend, you’re having a great time with someone you love and are enjoying a nice dinner at a new restaurant when all of a sudden, your temporary crown/veneer pops off. You’re frantic, Googling your dentist or a local dentist’s number who hasn’t responded yet or is out of town. Also, it’s becoming really sensitive to breath since the temp isn’t on. What do you do!?!? Don’t panic. While it might be alarming that your temporary crown fell off, you have some options. Here are some quick fixes to get you through the rest of your weekend until you can get into to see your dentist and have it re-cemented back on.

A quick and easy option to reinsert the crown right back on is toothpaste, which you may even have with you. It’s quick and can also help with any associated sensitivity felt from having the temporary off of the tooth. While this is a readily available option, the toothpaste will most likely not hold if you try to chew or eat with the temporary in place.

Another option is stopping at a local drug store and picking up a denture adhesive like Fixodent or Super Poligrip. The stickiness of this material will provide a better hold than toothpaste to help keep the temporary in the mouth.

Your local pharmacy also has dental cement or repair kits that, with a little bit of finesse, can be used to hold the temporary crown in until you see your dentist. You must clean out the inside of your temporary as thoroughly as possible before application.

Although all of these are great options to get your temporary crown/veneer back in place. It is still urgent that if your temporary crown fell off, that you see your dentist as soon as possible to have it re-cemented or have the permanent crown/veneer placed. Having a temporary out of your mouth for prolonged period of time can cause hypersensitivity on the tooth being worked on, shifting of the adjacent teeth, or impingement of your gums. All of these can interfere with the reseating of the final crown or veneer. For more information or help, visit Premier Smiles or call our office at 972-235-7060.


  1. i had a left top post crown fell of and it was a around where i had a removable partial and i tempary put back on myself can i still wear my partial on top to hold it in or no?

    1. Author

      I think I would still make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Post & Core/crowns shouldn’t just fall off. Hope that helps!

      1. Iim not lying it did a week ago, fell off while i was eating in my mouth ,, was wiggly for 2 months my the upper tooth right in my sinus area and its fallen off again and i went to a dentist ,i need alot more money to have it mabye be fixed , so im saving too go back but i dont know what to do ,,,this dental crown was put on over 7 yrs ago and the dentist office closed down 2 yrs ago ,what shud i do while i wait to be back in dentist chair with 200$ more dollars i need , i fear my recapit wont hold and il swallow my crown or if i leave it off il get a infectection , i have no tooth left i cant even see any bone but it did fit back on with temp cement i had for only 6 days , now its gona fall off again ! this is so stressful ,

        1. I used Dental Cement it works…seeing dentist monday….hope he can remove the cemented crown without breaking it…only had perminent crown a couple months. 😤

  2. i had a left top post crown fell of and it was a around where i had a removable partial and i tempary put back on myself can i still wear my partial on top to hold it in or no?

  3. i’m having a couple of root canals finished off, and a couple of caps started. Sothe left side of my mouth was covered with the temporary covers.. Unfortunately, they all broke up and fell off between Tuesday,the 22nd and Wednesday the 23rd. It’s now Christmas Eve (Friday night),and i can’t get an appointment until Tuesday, I’ve been using orthodontic wax for the past 2 days, but my tongue is getting pretty beat up. Will any emergency dentists be open this weekend? Maybe?

  4. Thanks for the tips, Dr. Katyal! Hope my temporary crown holds on my trip to England. Going to pick up some dental cement just in case. 😁 ~ Liz

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