Dental Fillings

Fillings are one of the most common services provided here at Premier Smiles. There are numerous different reasons why an individual may require a filling, from regular wear and tear to habits that can cause damage to the teeth over time. Unfortunately, many poor dental hygiene habits can lead to tooth decay or deep cavities. These are a couple of the most typical reasons patients are in need of fillings. These days fillings are used to repair and restore the surface of a tooth that has suffered from decay, fracture, or wear and tear that breaks down the tooth over time. Fillings are nothing to be ashamed of, as most people will need one at some point in their lifetime. Dental fillings are composed of restorative materials that artificially restore the function and integrity of the affected tooth. When structural loss is present, dental restorations come in extremely handy.


Dr. Ron Katyal and our entire Premier Smiles team have years of experience in the fields of cosmetic and family dentistry. We provide people with fillings on a regular basis and are here to answer any questions you may have about them. While in the past dental fillings were made from a mixture of different materials, today’s fillings are natural-looking and free of any metal. This is excellent news for all dental patients, as you will no longer have to worry about needing fillings that are unsightly and embarrassing. Dr. Katyal is committed to ensuring each and every patient who walks through our doors understands the ‘why’ behind all of this treatment suggestions and procedures. If caught early on, cavities can be restored with state-of-the-art tooth-colored fillings that will provide the patient with the a beautiful, natural smile they will be proud to show off.

About Our Fillings

Unfortunately, if cavities are left untreated they can worsen overtime and become too problematic for composite restoration and fillings. When this happens, the patient may require a crown, root canal therapy, or even a tooth extraction. By visiting Dr. Katyal at least twice a year, we will be able to catch any cavities in their early stages and recommend a tooth-colored fillings. These dental restorations are long-lasting and a much safer option than we had in the past. With more than 22 years of experience under his belt, Dr. Katyal has seen how dental technology has changed many common procedures and services, including fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are considered among the top advancements in dentistry, in large part because they are durable and provide resistance to fractures. No matter your oral health habits, regular wear and tear over time can lead to damage, which is why it is imperative that you are outfitted with a filling that can withstand the test of time.

There is a series of important benefits of tooth-colored fillings that Dr. Katyal wants all of his Dallas patients to be aware of:

  • The composite material used for tooth-colored fillings does not discolor or turn black with age
  • These types of fillings are far less sensitive to heat and cold than other materials
  • Dental fillings are designed to seal the tooth and keep any food, bacteria, or acid from causing further damage
  • These types of fillings harden much quicker than metal fillings, allowing you to resume normal activity
  • Composite fillings do not contain any mercury

If you are suffering from tooth decay, damage to the teeth, would like to replace mercury fillings, or desire a natural, white smile, please contact Premier Smiles today and ask about our dental fillings services. Dr. Katyal and our entire Dallas team are here for you and are dedicated to offer honest prices for all of our services.