Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a common and effective solution that are designed to give patients their smile back. Today’s partial dentures are customized and natural-looking, leaving you with a personalized removable orthodontic treatment that will fill the gaps in your smile. While full dentures (link to other service page) are designed to replace all of an individual’s teeth, partial dentures can replace just a few missing teeth.

If you are missing several teeth in a row, you may want to consider partial dentures. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, partial dentures mimic the color and shape of your existing teeth, providing you with a solution you can wear with confidence. With more than 22 years of experience in cosmetic and family dentistry, Dr. Ron Katyal has fitted countless patients with partial dentures molded specifically to meet their needs. In addition to an improved smile, partial dentures may help with speech clarity and a person’s ability to eat more efficiently.

Partial dentures are incredibly common and are performed at our Dallas dental clinic on a regular basis. Dr. Katyal will do everything in his power to ensure you understand his recommendation – such as partial dentures – and then proceed accordingly. As a family dentist, we believe in honest pricing and treat every patient as if they were our own family member. We understand that going to the dentist isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do, which is why we will do everything we can to make your experience a comfortable one. Dr. Katyal focuses on building and maintaining relationships with his patients and will go above and beyond to ensure all needs are met and any questions are answered.


About Partial Dentures

There are a couple different types of partial dentures: fixed and removable. You may have also heard fixed partial dentures referred to as a dental implant bridge. If Dr. Katyal recommends this type of partial denture, he will attach it to artificial teeth right into the jawbone with the help of a dental crown. Removable partial dentures are also referred to as a removable dental bridge and are ideal for people looking to fill a gap between two healthy teeth. For this type of partial denture, replacement teeth are attached to a gum-colored base to which the removable partial denture is then connected by a metal framework. Both are great options; the one that will best fit your needs will depend on the current state of your oral health and Dr. Katyal’s recommendation.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Dr. Katyal will work closely with you to determine which type of denture best fits your needs. We understand what an overwhelming decision this can be, which is why we believe in doing everything we can do educate you prior to the procedure. Some of the top benefits of partial dentures include:

  • Improves eating capabilities
  • Increases facial structure support
  • Improves speech
  • Provides patients with the ability to eat a wide range of foods
  • They will keep you looking young
  • They are comfortable