Dental Care is Important for Your Health

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dental care

The American Dental Association Health Policy Institute reports a multi-year trend in the declining dental care utilization in working adults (since 1996). Moreover, 27% of adults between the ages of 20-64 had untreated tooth decay. Oral health effects and has a direct link to a person’s overall health condition; however, there is a lack of awareness among Americans about its importance. The inaccessibility of proper dental care for certain groups is another hurdle that has resulted in a high prevalence of untreated dental caries. One of the most important access challenges for Americans is prioritizing dental care among other healthcare needs. For example, periodontal gum disease is widely prevalent in Americans (as more than 80% are affected by some form of it) however, people either do not know that they have it or do not think that it is a health condition that needs a dentist’s/hygienist’s attention.

Lack of dental care can be fatal

Periodontal gum disease, a largely ignored health condition is an indicator of many other serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. Harmful bacteria can cause gum disease that lives in the deep pockets of the gums which travels throughout the bloodstream and has been found in the heart, lungs and placenta of pregnant women. There have been cases in which people have died due to ignored dental problems. In 2007, a 12-year-old boy in Maryland died due to a severe infection in his brain, which was caused by an infected tooth; the tooth could have been removed for just $80 but was ignored. Many ignore such dangerous dental conditions because they do not consider dental health important, they consider it a temporary problem and/or cannot afford it. With more than 47% American adults (over 30) estimated to have some form of periodontitis, a serious gum infection that destroys the bone that holds the teeth, awareness about dental care is a leading concern for health specialists.

Affordability of dental care is a big concern for many who do not have dental insurance. High quality dental care can be costly, however it offers many affordable preventative treatments that can save you from spending thousands of dollars in the case of dental emergency. Medicare and Medicaid offer dental coverage for children, adults and the elderly that can be adjusted according to your income. Moreover, it is a great idea to visit your dentist’s office to learn about more affordable dental coverage that suits your financial situation. State and local health departments also offer advice and information about dental programs in your local community that would offer good quality dental care at an affordable cost.

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